Akhina Mooken, 2011

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Akhina Mooken was proudly crowned Miss India Canada 2011 on July 23rd, 2011 in a pageant that saw her triumph with grace and eloquence! She embarked on this amazing opportunity with motivation, confidence and support from those who have known the strides she has made thus far.

Akhina considers her Bharathanatyam Arangetram to be her greatest achievement, a test of perseverance that was over a decade in the making. Akhinas mastery of this ancient Indian art is indicative of her strong portrayal of inner beauty, emotion, and thought. This has been emphasized in everything she does from school, to work, to her daily interaction with both family and friends.

In the future, she is hoping to engage in shaping the lives of our future generation from the very start. Having completed multiple placements in private and publicly funded daycares, she is well on the way to fulfilling these desires! She believes in a multi-faceted approach to childhood development, which she was blessed to have and which she believes is what opens doors for children to realize both their dreams and desires.

Akhina is looking forward to what the upcoming year encompasses for her. One of her primary ambitions is to successfully use this magnificent platform to create an affirmative impact on the youth of today. She is excited to be apart of this historic moment and is enthusiastic about the positive work that she is striving to achieve.

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