Annu Gaidhu, 2014

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Annu was born and raised in the beautiful city of Mississauga, as the youngest daughter of three siblings. ‘Dreaming big, believing in yourself and maintaining a positive attitude’ has always been a philosophy of hers. Currently, Annu is completing her bachelor’s degree at Ryerson University, majoring in Child and Youth Care. Her ambition in becoming a child and youth care worker originates from a genuine desire she has to make a positive difference in people’s lives. For Annu, one of her proudest accomplishments was becoming Toronto’s youngest certified yoga instructor at the age of 23. She has an infectious passion for teaching yoga and takes pride in being able to share with others what she considers the greatest gift – to show others how to love themselves. Annu currently teaches in Annus desire in helping others and providing opportunities for them has lead her to create the Healing Hearts Project initiative this upcoming May 2015 in India. For two weeks she will be volunteering in Dharmsala, providing psychosocial support to children in the greatest need within the Bir community. Her initiative consists of creating child focused yoga curriculums dedicated to educating children on life skills through therapeutic yoga based techniques and meditation. Helping others is something that Annu has and will always strive to do. As a first generation Indo-Canadian, family and heritage have always been important to her. It has been a dream come true to proudly represent her Indian culture and to celebrate diversity woven into the Canadian mosaic as the new Miss India-Canada 2014. Accomplishments:

  • Casted for Bell Canadas National Telecommunications Spring/Summer Modelling Campaign 2015
  • Casted for Sears Canada in association with Spring/Summer LOOK! Report Modelling Campaign shoot 2015
  • Headlining as the first Kids Yoga Instructor for SickKids Foundation Cancordia Great Adventure Camp Walk 2014
  • Key Lead Yoga Instructor for WAYS Yogathon 2014
  • Guest of Honour Toronto Yoga Conference Show 2015
  • Special Guest Appearance Bollywood Monster Mashup Concert 2014
  • Guest Model Suhaag Magazine

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