When is the event held?
The Miss India-Canada event is held in the summer each year (July/August).

How many contestants compete in the event?
Numerous applicants enter each year from across Canada, however only 16 move on as finalists.

What are the height and weight requirements?
There are NO height and weight requirements.

What are the major eligibility requirements?
A contestant must be:

1. a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
2. single
3. of Indian origin
4. 18-29 years of age

What are contestants judged on in the final event (ie. what are the 4 segments?)
Contestants are judged on

1. Indian Dress
2. Evening Gown
2. Talent
4. Question and Answer

May a contestant compete in the event more than once?
Yes, a contestant can compete in the event more than once, unless she wins the crown.

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